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Christmas in Ankarsmedjan

”Christmas in Ankarsmedjan” is a different julbord experience – although it, in some shape or form, includes most of the classics from the traditional version.

The rustique exteriors as well as the warm and subliminal interior makes for a unique and incredibly well-suited setting.

The dinner is divided into four courses. The first one in the shape of a classical salmon and herring buffet. Followed by three serverings of meat, fish and sweets at the table.


Herring and salmon buffet – and more!

Sharing plate with warm meat

Poached cod with lobster sauce and brussel sprouts

Cinnamon ice-cream with citrus and saffron

A four course vegan menu can be served to vegans and vegetarians – and a hybrid menu can be served to pescetarians or non-fish eaters


For groups of 33-70 people Ankarsmedjans entrance level can be rented exclusively and the dinner can be followed by bar and dance floor activity. Contact us at info@ankarsmedjansocial.se with your inquiry

For groups of 13-32 people please contact us at info@ankarsmedjansocial.se with your inquiry

For group of 12 people and below kindly use the online booking service here or contact us at info@ankarsmedjansocial.se with your request

Groups of 8-12 people can reserve the upstairs Chambre Separée ”Ankarloftet”.