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Private dining in Ankarsmedjan

Ankarsmedjan is a very highly thought of private dining venue – whether you’re celebrating a successful sale, meeting with clients, partners or friends or enjoying a family get-together.

Our main dining room can be optimized for parties of 12-70 people. And the exclusive Chambre separée upstairs can host up to 12 people comfortably. 

Ankarsmedjan’s group menu (1st of April – 20th of June)

Poached white AAA asparagus
with wild garlic aioli, seared crayfish, lumpfish roe and roasted almonds


Ankarsmedjan’s steak tartare
with crayfish mayonnaise, chervil and Pommes Allumettes

Main course:

with roasted spring chicken jus, raw sliced mushrooms
and potato and spring vegetable salad


Corn chicken breast
with roasted spring chicken jus raw sliced mushrooms
and potato and spring vegetable salad


Vanilla ice cream
with chocolate sauce, sugar coated berries and wafers

Three course menu  865 SEK per person

Matching wines with the menu and sparkling wine as aperitif 675 SEK per person

Four course menu (both starters included) 1095 SEK per person

Matching wines with the menu and champagne as aperitif 825 SEK per person

The time of the arrangement is 4 hours, if nothing else has been communicated on beforehand 
To lengthen the time of the arrangement will affect the price and would have to be settled well in advance

Ankarsmedjan’s three course lunch

A luxurious lunch menu based on seasonal produce. 
Perfect for the traveling group, the business lunch or the celebratory family union.

495 SEK per person (minimum charge of 12 people)

Ankarsmedjan’s spring and summer buffet

Cold and warm dishes with inspiration from both smorgasbord tradition of the west coast of Sweden as well as the Mediterranean cuisine – perfect for weddings and summer parties.

Includes a small dessert.

695 SEK per person (minimum charge of 40 people)

We recommend a laid-back drinks concept with beer and wine on the table – in your desired price category.